Aries Infinity 1Gbps Broadband Service Goes Official, Priced At RM 5,000 Per Month

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  • aMoKio

    I rather spend few bucks for a carrier service to bring me my downloaded files from SG to MY. Still cheaper than this rm5k per month.. ~Songlap oh songlap~

    • Zaidi Rudy

      How fast do you think can your carrier provide? you use superman izzit?

      • Pancanikonpus

        Goku 😛

        • aMoKio

          No. Saitama. xD

    • Vinod

      Stupidity at the highest level. Clearly the service in question is targeted at enterprise users and not home users like yourself.

      • aMoKio

        Hey bro, Plz look at your mirror. I don’t mention I’m a home user or i do own a company right? Keyboard warrior oh keyboard warrior..
        People who don’t get facts right too want to act smart?

        • thankiu

          So please share your facts. Personal or company use? And how exactly by spending few bucks will be cheaper if compare apple to apple?

          • aMoKio

            Hi thankiu. We talk this way ok? compare to SG and MY. lets say you wanna set up a box/dropbox like of cloud sharing company. Which one you prefer your server based in? of course is for company use with this kind of price tag, but rationally, is it worth?

  • Arvin

    Utter bullshit

  • YH

    They target those enterprise size of company that need huge UL and DL, they did came to my office on their proposal, comparing that i am using TIME + Unifi = 75Mbps with total cost of nearly RM1.7k, its rather cheap if you count by RM/ Mbps

  • pityU

    company ok je MYR5k ni, yg bukan business ni bising2 buat apa, target dorg bukan korg pn, perasan lebih

    • aMoKio

      yg buat business punya ,pun rasa mahal lo

      • zz

        not for organization/company who spending ten of thousands of dollar for less than 100mbps of internet. this is dirt cheap to them. only thing is quality.

  • FIST

    crap offering. see how long can last. and who the heck use full IPv6 now?

  • seancorr

    What is their uptime percentage? Their target customers must have it running at 100% 24/7 if possible.

  • mr2k9

    But will it have lag spike when one were to game with it?

    • H J

      play game kat office? facepalm

      • mr2k9

        Why not?

  • zzzxtreme

    i remember companies paying TM’s COINS network – 1.5Mbps Upload, 1Mbps download for RM30K per year. 64Kbps Leased line – RM24K a year

    • pityU

      leased line is better right?, because the line just for u, or maybe share not as many as normal internet user

  • tim

    Finally a hope for cloud computing data center in malaysia..

  • lamusiqa

    They had a demo booth at Shaftsbury Cyberjaya a while back. I tried loading Youtube 4K 5min and it was instantaneous and the video loaded fully within 10 seconds. It was glorious!

    For a SME that requires a lot of bandwidth, RM5k for the fastest speed in Malaysia is a good bargain, really.

  • Ken L.c.c

    those of you who thinks it’s expensive, pls note that TM fibre lease line for cameron highlands (10mbps) cost RM10k per month

    • Oly Mat Yusop

      cannot compare leased line with broadband. SLA’2 vs best effort.

  • Thomas

    Meanwhile across the causeway………..

    24 months contract