Konami Bans Hideo Kojima From Receiving Award For His Own Game

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  1. CY says:


  2. Terryble says:

    well if he had made up his mind to leave the company, i do not think he cares for the award anyway~~every one in the industry know it was him who made the game possible and he is already the winner~~

    1. frustrated_user says:

      Having to official win an award vs having some ppl who believed he should have won it, is a big difference in the portfolio.

      1. Terryble says:

        Specifically in his case~~~the fan and industry know who is the creator~~
        and it is not the first time he won that~~

  3. seancorr says:

    I’m hating Konami even more as the day passes

  4. Hahn Loh says:

    its very confusing whether or not he is still woth Konami, but seeing how an ***hole Konami has been, I would rather he leaves, hope he keeps making games though.

  5. Edward Chong says:

    Doesn’t matter. Mr. Kojima is immortalized in his creations. Konami, not so much.

  6. MoogleStiltzkin says:

    if kojima himself refused to show, that would be one thing. instead this was konami themselves telling him to get lost.

    what exactly did mr kojima do to piss them off so that their now behaving so petty. good luck trying to hire future talent when this is how you treat big contributing employees that were part of your organization on their way out.

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