Don’t Expect Any PlayStation Vita Games from Sony Anytime Soon

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  1. James Spader says:

    [WTB] PS VITA – Offer RM100, including all your games.

  2. Skywax9016 says:

    Well, that’s just sad. PS Vita is a great dedicated gaming machine in my opinion, but lack of support from Sony’s side is definitely killing it. PS Vita is powerful enough that it is getting ports from PC and TV Console games. Although that is somehow good if properly done, sadly most of the time, it’s just there to show that you’ll get less from playing the PS Vita version. If the PS Vita is getting ports from the 3DS, then it’ll be able to show the advantage that it has.

  3. jack says:

    is ok, i just want the showgirl name !

    1. Pemerhati says:

      You are rite! 🙂

      1. karwaidotnet says:

        so what’s her name???

  4. Henrychia says:

    I dun care the ps vista, i just need the showgirl facebook…

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