Budget 2016: Broadband Speed For Rural Areas To Be Increased To 20 Mbps

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  • the coverage

  • Teh

    meanwhile there are still no unifi coverage in Georgetown. Great. Rural Area>Penang

    • Felixwcf

      Penang? Cina banyak walao eh… kasi lu semua tapi tak mau undi I lagi.. tunggulah…

  • Patrick Wong

    Najib just remembered that his supporters are mainly from the rural area. Smart move

  • Phelix Pun

    i can’t believe you guys still believe what he said… LMAO~

  • mrashdi

    starting from 5mbps? i dont think rural area now got 5mbps.

  • jungirl

    MBPS != Mbps
    20MBPS = 160Mbps

    • Shahril Osman

      the header / title is in caps mode. thus MBPS = mbps.

      in easy terms. MB/s vs Mb/s is Megabyte vs Megabit.

      As you can read
      “One such improvement is to increase the speed of broadband speed from 5Mbps to 20Mbps in rural areas” stated as Mbps. Meaning it’s Megabit per seconds not Megabyte per seconds

      Conclusion. only 2.5 Megabyte per second (max) you can download

  • Lim Kai Jie

    I will not vote BN UMNO MCA in future even you all make facilities that seems crucial unless remove GST and Malaysian Ringgit back to 3.8, then I will consider in my mind

    • Skycrest

      I wish for the ringgit to go back to 3.5 (realistically speaking.. but unrealistically speaking would be rm1=1.1… any government that can do that win my vote + has right to name my first born child)

  • rad

    Masa budget ni idea memang kencang. Tengok la next year nanti habok pun takde. Puiii!

    • Abg Rongak Waknan

      Teettt….10 markah untuk anda!!!

  • DT

    What about the price? Come on lah, still want to divert ppl with such budget?

  • Ignatius Lu

    My area maximum speed just archieved 4mbps at the moment…Kuching.TM said planning to go Unifi but no fund yet.Now rural area go 20mbps?Then my area worst then rural?

  • NightFelix

    Where is those GST gone to and use for? Cover up 2.6B?

    • Motoyama

      Wrong. Cover up the RM 42B.

      RM2.6 is angpow money lain kira,

  • Chris SKC


  • SIM

    KK how?? what the hell….we are not under MALAYSIA MACAM
    by the way KK – KOTA KINABALU

    • Vic Chai

      Unifi are actually expanding thoroughly there. Regulations for fibre cables has been reinforced for newly built estates. We can expect fibre network to be widely available in a few years and especially once the new fibre cable that links WM and EM to be completed around 2017.

      • Jarpond

        Agreed, previous problem for rural area is copper cable always stolen…no 3g coverage….while most of us happily enjoying at least 3G or a streamyx!

  • seancorr

    Increase from 5 to 20 in rural areas? So our Klang valley area is a level below rural areas because we’re still at 5mbps as a minimum.

  • Wong Yee Ming

    All hail our PM! Rural area wil definitely have good coverage and speed up to 20 MICRObits per sec! Or maybe Malaysia bits persec. Whatever it is, that 20 MBPS is not the 20 Megabits per sec that we know of. 😛

    • Motoyama

      Macai BeraPa Satu (Mbps)

    • Ethanix

      In Malaysia, 2Mbps = 200Kbps
      So, 20Mbps= 2000Kbps

      • Nope, 2 Mbps (Notice the lowercase ‘b’) = 2000 Kbps (Notice the lowercase ‘b’ again)

        But, 2 Mbps = 250 KBps (aka KB/s, notice the uppercase ‘B’)
        Therefore, 20 Mbps = 2500 KB/s

        Extra Fact: 1 MB/s = 8 Mbps

        • Abg Rongak Waknan

          Either I understand it wrong, or you’re missing his/her point…

  • Alpha_Tay

    is it streamyx adsl2+ 20mbps?

  • Motoyama

    The ironic thing. Later kampung all got 20Mbps, bu nobody subscribe because kampung folk cannot afford. Meanwhile in City, people want, all no coverage. Ini semua pelan tahap Mazlan.

  • Since when it was 5Mbps?

    • ADSL maximum download speed in theory is 8 Mbps (1 MB/s), but Telekom Malaysia said that most of the ADSL line are quite old, more than 5 Mbps the line will suffer.

      Maybe this is why it say 5 Mbps, to achieve the 20 Mbps TM need to upgrade their ADSL line to ADSL2+.

      • It was meant to be rhetorical but thanks for the info.

        They can’t even make 5Mbps the minimum standard of affordability and stability and they claim 4 times as much.

  • avex

    20MBPS with 1GB cap!!!!

  • CJE

    Lets not talk about rural areas !!! I stay in Ipoh town area still no fibre here after so long ?

  • Joe Young

    Are you kidding? I live in city yet i can’t afford > 1Mbps!! that’s not even close to 5Mbps!!!

  • Mohd. Sholihin Ali

    So many people are angry with Jibby but ironically he is still the Prime Minister until now….

  • Krait Ksming

    so what, the important is the price control. what if 20mpbs charge RM 200 per month, who afford to sign up?

  • techiedude888

    I live in Greenlane, Penang, and I have to suffer with 2Mbps cos infrastructure too old to support higher speeds. Does TM or any other cable providers doing about it? NO, but the govt want to supply rural areas for 20Mbps?
    Clearly just peddling support for his supporter base.

  • YH

    He only tell you d speed, not price, another keyword – PLANNING TO, means he can plan up to infinity period of time…. buy time + vote!!
    Still belive his word? Nah!!

  • YWL

    How come mine area dont even have unifi coverage? what do you say jibby? Btw, im from Kepala Batas Penang state.

  • Mr.NoSatu No Satu

    why not just remove the monopoly right and open for all competition?

    • Kazanixm Kaxi

      all agree on this, why TM seems like the only sole supplier of broadband. We do know there is Maxis Fibre internet but generally more on the KL & several selangor area. How bout other states?