TM Teases The Future Of UniFi: Variety of Speed With Mobility and Convergence Are Coming Soon

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  • Emimarson

    Maybe they are going to offer 100Mbps like Maxis but with lower price.

    Don’t expect too much from TM, still waiting MyRepublic.

  • uat88

    Hope they are offering 100Mpbs at a lower price compared to Maxis.

  • coverage

  • kooldeelocks

    Like i said before 100Mbps is not coming until 2016

    • comments

      i suppose not even when 2016.

  • kooldeelocks

    Like i said before 100Mbps is not coming until 2016

  • kooldeelocks

    Like i said before 100Mbps is not coming until 2016

  • Maxis BillShocked User

    why no compare Maxis Fibre vs Unifi 10mb?

  • rosdi

    Apa ni Unify Advance?! then what Super Advance? Extra Advance? Super Duper Buper Advance?? Just call Unify 10, 20, 30, 50, 100 enough la… don’t try to confuse the public like Najib.

    • Motoyama

      LOL. Good one!

    • Wilson Chan

      what u gonna expect?
      brain sudah rosak punya tm, u think they will think in smart way meh?


  • MoogleStiltzkin

    based on tmnut vs maxis for 30mbps, seems to be unifi is better cause your paying less. that 25 mbps extra upload speed, most users really won’t care. only power users that utilize upload may want to pay extra for the maxis though 😡

    so there is a place for both of them, but most will just get the cheaper unifi 30mbps.

    as for time broadband, still weak in availability -.-; they don’t seem much interested at all in competing with tmnut or maxis by expanding into anything other than condos :{

    PS: maxis is offering a 100mbps package if not mistaken, but is 300+ >_>; lel

  • steve168

    Symphonet still cheaper..RM198 for 33Mbps (both up and down)

  • Dzul Fadly

    “will take place within the next few months”

    I thought soon enough..

  • YWL

    Please focus on coverage and price reduce first.

  • seancorr

    Future looks promising for TM and its customers but there are some issues to iron out first. For an example my fiber modem KO’ed 3 times so far and not to mention I have to call them once in a few months to check what happened to my internet as it died without warning.

  • fyrule

    so, lps ni no more package lower than RM200 (+GST) ?
    what most people want are options with lower price!

  • Gopi Nath

    Streamyx users,TM have forgotten about streamyx users.Please reduce the price of streamyx packages.Prices not reasonable.

    • Zabi Alonso

      i do feel sory for the streamyx user, as they are unable to use unifi services, i hope that one day all location in malaysia will have fiber cable installed..