TM: Most Customers Don’t Take Advantage of Their UniFi Upload Speed

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  • pontiac

    basic math.. most (90%) of their subscribers is subscribing less than 5mbps package. of coz u will say it 90%. NOOB..

  • please expand unifi coverage

  • MoogleStiltzkin

    well this move to reduce upload speed to 5 and 10 for the 30 and 50 mbps packages respectively is going to have little to no effect for most broadband users (unless they intend to do webhosting, live streaming twitch, or stream from their NAS offsite, or torrent seeding for upload ratio in private trackers).

    the issue is, why is it that the 10 and 20mbps packages pricing has not been reduced, despite there being 30 and 50 mbps priced the same ?

    can they seriously justify that ?

    The real reason they didn’t because they want to maintain unsightly profit margins for all packages whether it be 5, 10,20,30 or 50 mbps….. get whichever one and their profit margins for any of them is sky high X_X: and that is the bullshit reason they refuse to reduce prices for 10 and 20 mbps…..

    and 30 and 50mbps aren’t exempted from price scrutiny either. They forcibly bundle extra hypptv add ons like aneka, ruby etc ONTOP OF the basic hypptv. So i would argue that should be considered in a legal term “tying” meaning

    “Tying (informally, product tying) is the practice of selling one product or service as a mandatory addition to the purchase of a different product or service. In legal terms, a tying sale makes the sale of one good (the tying good) to the de facto customer (or de jure customer) conditional on the purchase of a second distinctive good (the tied good). Tying is often illegal when the products are not naturally related. It is related to but distinct from freebie marketing, a common (and legal) method of giving away (or selling at a substantial discount) one item to ensure a continual flow of sales of another related item.
    Some kinds of tying, especially by contract, have historically been regarded as anti-competitive practices. The basic idea is that consumers are harmed by being forced to buy an undesired good (the tied good) in order to purchase a good they actually want (the tying good), and so would prefer that the goods be sold separately. The company doing this bundling may have a significantly large market share so that it may impose the tie on consumers, despite the forces of market competition. The tie may also harm other companies in the market for the tied good, or who sell only single components.

    One effect of tying can be that low quality products achieve a higher market share than would otherwise be the case.
    Tying may also be a form of price discrimination: people who use more razor blades, for example, pay more than those who just need a one-time shave. Though this may improve overall welfare, by giving more consumers access to the market, such price discrimination can also transfer consumer surpluses to the producer. Tying may also be used with or in place of patents or copyrights to help protect entry into a market, discouraging innovation.

    Tying is often used when the supplier makes one product that is critical to many customers. By threatening to withhold that key product unless others are also purchased, the supplier can increase sales of less necessary products.

    In the United States, most states have laws against tying, which are enforced by state governments. In addition, the U.S. Department of Justice enforces federal laws against tying through its Antitrust Division.”

    so even if they do manage to justify that broadband pricing is the way they are due to bandwidth or operating costs. no way can they justify this practice of tying that only needlessly adds cost to broadband to the consumer, ontop of gst ….

    and this is why they get critisized -.-;

    • uat88

      Interesting point of view. Their asymmetrical speed explanation is used to justify their reduce upload speed but doesn’t really justify maintaining the same price of 10Mpbs and 20Mbps vs 30Mbps and 50Mbps.

      • MoogleStiltzkin

        exactly. so the people at announcement should have shot back, “then why is it that 10 and 20mbps still priced the same, and no price reduction for those packages?”

        we haven’t heard anything on that topic yet from tmnut :/

        • uat88

          A bit confusing now because in Low Yat latest post on UniFi, there was a screenshot of UniFi Advance which basically is UniFi 30 but at a price of RM199. It looks like a transition period now.

          • UniFi Advance = UniFi 30. UniFi 30 is the unofficial name of UniFi Advance, used prior to today’s briefing.

            RM 199 is the price without GST. With GST, it becomes RM 210.94. :3

          • uat88

            Oh I see. Thanks for the explanation. So it looks like it might possible mean that the reason for the same pricing could be a tactic to get existing customers (10Mbps and 20Mbps) to change to the new 30Mbps and 50Mbps. But eventually, they have to migrate as stated in your latest post on TM’s statement.

        • Vincent Wong

          Price is different – Old VIP 20, had 20/20 down/up, unlimited free calls to tm land lines, had a few more channels than the new Unifi 30 or 50. Also, they play on the fact that people are generally lazy – lazy to go to the TM outlet to request an “upgrade” and change their package to the new packages. So those old VIP 20 customers will continue to pay a Premium as compared to the new packages. Usually the Top package subscribers are the most abused because they never get good deals offers to upgrade. Most VIP 5 or 10 customers get very good deals to upgrade and end up as VIP 20 customers at a cheaper rate and more channels. So please, pay a visit to the TM outlet and tell them you want to upgrade your packages to the Unifi 50.
          The new Unifi 30 or 50 packages – you no longer get free unlimited land line calls, and a few channels less. and of course reduce upload speeds.

          • MoogleStiltzkin

            i was actually hoping they would debundle extra hypptv package so i could get the 50mbps cheaper since there was a rumor in lyn forum that they may just do that in september.

            but considering they just did their announcement, i doubt this is the case.

            so at most i’d be willing to just switch my current 10mbps for the 199myr 30 dl/5 ul mbps aneka package.

            ironically when the telemarketer called me up, they tried to peddle the ruby package to me which was more expensive than aneka. they didn’t even inform me of aneka bundle which was cheaper. only reason i’d even get aneka is because i’m forced to due to their tying strategy….. so i still pay the same price, even though broadband price was reduce. probably more if you consider gst as well that went into effect early this year ….

            hope they don’t consider this a price reduction, cause it hardly is X_X:

            anyway waiting for september cauz no rush. it would be much worse getting aneka 30mbps cause of 2 year contract right now, if later there is cheaper version of it due to debundle. you can’t simply switch to that cheaper 30mbps (if it does happen), as you can’t drop aneka and you will be forced to pay the penalty fees :/


          • Vincent Wong

            If you are upgrading from an existing package you won’t be on a contract.

          • MoogleStiltzkin

            yeah but i thought you can’t cancel aneka which is part of the 30mbps bundle :/

            sure if its 30 to 50 mbps with aneka can. but what if package is 50 mbps no aneka ? i’m sure can’t right ? (but this is a hypothetical if there really will be a 50mbps without any tying of aneka or similar, for a reduced price for both 30 and 50mbps)

  • mr2k9

    its definitely a good reason but i think what people pissed is not the upload speed but it is the pricing…

    • MoogleStiltzkin

      as pricey as 30 and 50mbps is, i think people would have overlooked that.

      issue is they felt they could get away with keeping 10 and 20mbps pricing the same despite there being a new 30 and 50mbps priced the same !

      @_@: basically they didn’t want to allow for an affordable 10 and 20mbps ….. which most of their userbase who aren’t power users will most likely get instead of 30 and 50mbps.

  • MoogleStiltzkin

    one more thing. this other new upcoming offering for people who want more upload bandwidth is most likely going to be a BAD DEAL.

    because… either

    1. more expensive than 30 and 50mbps packages
    2. download will be lesser than 30 and 50 mbps packages

    cause one thing seems clear, their keeping the current prices, so those won’t change. so this new package will be working around those existing packages and pricing, so it’s easy to make an educated guess what this new product with better upload speed will be like.

  • amirsyazwan

    the reason for them to not change the old package price is because they want the old user to sign new contracts with the new package. it is simple as that, IMO.

    • there are still lots of place don’t have unifi.
      so tm still taking 110-140 from streamyx user.

    • there are still lots of place don’t have unifi.
      so tm still taking 110-140 from streamyx user.

  • Clement Lemon Tee

    lower down vip5 price la adui

    • nonet

      see the 1mb streamyx la still stuck at 110. sigh!

      • Clement Lemon Tee

        marketing gimmick , keep introduce faster speed at more expensive price and not lowering old packages. tm rip us all off

  • desmond

    required for me to download data from my home storage, and viewing CCTV.

  • dila azira

    wawasan 2020, hooray going backwards.

  • dila azira

    wawasan 2020, hooray going backwards.

  • Jack Najib

    Coming from telco point of view, the idea of maintaining the old tag at RM249 for 20Mbps is a fair move by TM since they do not want to reduce the broadband price.

    30Mbps is not a lowered price since the offering is different. TM stripped down the free calls and lowered down the upload speed so they can position the package with the RM199 tag and 50Mbps at RM249. Hence these packages are not linear in nature and are in different class altogether. That’s the reason why TM dropped the naming convention VIP from the plans.

    So an unbiased analysis on these packages will tell you that TM is actually giving a better value for money. You are free to change package from 20Mbps (RM249) to the new 30Mbps (RM199) or the upgraded speed of 50Mbps. However there is this thing about a refreshed contract of 24 months.

    TM did however lowered down 10Mbps price which is at RM179. You may switch to this package if you’re an existing 10Mbps user with an extended contract of course.

    It’s a good move for both consumer and TM. Strategy plays off well if users are looking for a higher speed package. But if you’re a basic user, minimum price still stays at RM149 (VIP5) or Maxis 10Mbps (RM148).

    Or if you’re lucky enough to be in TIME coverage area, you may choose between 10Mbps at RM129 or 100Mbps at RM179.