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Xiaomi Malaysia to Offer 32GB Mi 4i on 18 August 2015 for RM899

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  1. InfoO2 says:

    I thought is redmi note 2 when I saw xiaomi, lol~
    Oh well~

  2. Aniki says:

    come on, even the redmi note 2 spec is much more better than this downgrade version of mi4 and lower price than this…

  3. uat88 says:

    Boleh tahan juga. Price is okay but if can go even lower, so much the better. Next is to bring in Redmi Note 2 and Mi Note Pro. Make it cheap. 64GB is the preferred option moving forward.

  4. Motoyama says:

    My old Mi3 is more powerful than this…and cheaper a year ago. Ok, maybe thanks to falling RM…but i think the CPU is just too cheapskate. Should be at least a Snapdragon 80x equivalent.

  5. lj0000 says:

    not worth considering the amount of headache

  6. Sho Fukamachi says:

    mi4i is underpowered and unknown dust has somehow made it into my screen out of no where only after a month’s use…..disappointed

  7. Thortilla says:

    Crap CPU made this phone crap.

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