LG Quietly Launches G Pad 2 8.0 with Full-Sized USB Port

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  1. InfoO2 says:

    When I saw “1280 x 800”, I turned around

    1. user99999 says:

      y so? hd is much power saving than full hd. 8″ with that resolution wasn’t bad. if they offer better processor such as the 6XX and 8XX series, then it’ll be very very good choice.

      1. InfoO2 says:

        1280×800, you can see those dots in the screen, and yes, processor is low as well

        1. user99999 says:

          are you staring 10 cm from the screen? lol. i hardly see any difference between my full hd tab and my wife’s hd tab.

          1. InfoO2 says:

            Not for me hahahaha

  2. CY says:

    wow….. super low end stuff here….. 1280 x 800 then Snapdragon 400….. omg u expect a tablet to be so low end that it will lag like hell when use

  3. uat88 says:

    Glad to see another stylus competitor apart from Samsung. Hope LG can catch up and come out another alternative to compete with Samsung Galaxy Note series.

  4. NightFelix says:

    What the fark… Not even Snapdragon 410 and 2GB RAM. Thanks but no thanks.

  5. Phelix Pun says:

    RM259 for the price? with such low spec this shall be the price.

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