Xiaomi Launches New Mi W-Fi Nano, a “Smart Router that Fits in Your Palm” for RM50

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  1. lifeofahacker says:

    Cool lol

  2. Doddy Pramana Hadi says:

    Ummmm… So it’s called Mi W-FiNano or Mi Wi-Fi Nano? ?

  3. NightFelix says:

    This baru call innovating… Just like Ant-man, shrink anything that big to small. Lol

  4. zzzxtreme says:

    what’s the real world advantage of it being portable?

    1. luqman_98 says:

      Is it because the router can run cooler than before?

  5. uat88 says:

    Wah…..bring to all to Malaysia and make it cheap!

  6. David Lee says:

    Still needs a USB modem to work, rite? Doesn’t look like it accept SIM cards. And if it does, that’s bad news- China uses their own proprietary 3G (TD-SCDMA as opposed to UMTS) and their 4G is LTE-TDD as opposed to LTE-FDD which currently is being deployed in Malaysia. So if it doesn’t use external USB modem, end up with paperweight. If it uses external USB modem, well, 4G USB modem costs 3x the price of the router, bringing the price back up anyway.

  7. Fox says:

    Can support unifi ma?

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