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QiKU’s First Smartphone Is Highly Ambitious

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  1. aizathisyam says:

    First of all, they could at least try to come up with a better name than QiKU…

    1. CY says:

      Guess their main target is China Mainland so i dont think the name will matter much for them.

    2. Bryan says:

      It means something in Chinese duh. How does Afin sounds like ever wondered@@

  2. CY says:

    Chinaman red sea battle start….. see who can sell at cheapest price with highest spec. End up all die, becoz margin low and competition too much, hard to sustain.

    Even Law of Large Numbers also cant survive, since there is also a large number of cheap china phone to choose from. Though i am not an Apple Iphone user but got to hand it to them for selling a phone in large number and retaining high profit for each sales, unlike this China dude tat just come to spoil the market with cheap price phone which may end up doing more damage to the market.

  3. uat88 says:

    Launch it first and then we will judge.

  4. Aniki says:

    they have done a very bad job in collecting data… xiaomi doesn’t even care about this~ their main business is still the accessories, software and services that others still unable to cope with~ not even mentioning the phone offering which is almost the cost by itself~

  5. Sho Fukamachi says:

    please scrap the ‘one more thing’ tagline, don’t be a laughing stock for the world

  6. zzzxtreme says:

    If I’m in china, I’d buy LeTV’s phone

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