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Alleged Nexus 5 (2015) Scores Record Breaking 85,000 Points on AnTuTu

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  1. Airyl says:

    Hahaha, looks like Qualcomm finally gave in to the MediaTek way of marketing. Huge, pointless Antutu scores.

  2. Gareth Siew says:

    Benchmarks are never and will never be reflecting the real world experience. No surprise here :/

  3. Cyrus says:

    dream phone come with dream price, it’s common.

  4. Terryble says:

    Well hopefully they also upgrade the camera if they are charging a premium price~~
    Oneplus 2 and even Meixu MX5 is coming~~

  5. Filament says:

    One thing for sure, super smooth performance and timely update. Like a nexus always be.

  6. Mr Tai says:

    Happy to see LGN5 back…. nexus 6 really a fail piece of made…

    1. Keong says:

      Nexus 6 is not fail piece, it is beacuse the price is too high.
      and it is too late for official launch, the price only drop from Directd 2699 to 2199…

      1. Mr Tai says:

        price is another issue, screen also…. serious burn-in issue for status bar and keyboard… might be because of AMOLED but it is happen too soon.. not to mentioned those manufacture issue like rear panel defects found out for small portion of the shipments… there are some more common issue reported on this nexus flagship if you google around…

        I like nexus family line… but so far i think #Nexus5 is the best till the date

        1. Keong says:

          Every phone also got problem at first…
          look what happen to S6 edge, iphone 6 plus, s6 camera, M9+…..all got their own problem, not only Nexus 6….

  7. frustrated_user says:

    “which has been shown to *best even the Exynos 7420 processor”
    should be “which has been shown to beat even the Exynos 7420 processor”

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