Despite Less Than 20% Market Share, Apple Took Home 92% of ALL Smartphone Profits in Q1 2015

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  1. InfoO2 says:

    IMO, it’s only a wind for iPhone, won’t do much

  2. Bunny says:

    yala.. with that profit margin….

  3. somebodynicho says:

    sell a shit like a gold. of course profit gila lo.

  4. James Spader says:

    ifags must be proud now. Paying through the nose for cheap phones! Congrats to ifags everywhere!

  5. karwaidotnet says:

    haters gonna hate…

  6. user99999 says:

    milking at its best. well done apple. #stevejobs is proud o you.

  7. vez says:

    If those haters claim higher profit means consumer pay more to obtain something cheap….
    why dont those hater buy Microsoft, BlackBerry and Lenovo, which has much lower profit, means they sell something close to the cost? LoL

    1. Gavin Yong says:

      cause a lot of them actually do choose non Apple Solutions?
      The thing is apple caters to higher end markets, hence the higher profit margins per phone.
      Samsung and other Smartphone giants probably have the same margins on the higher end, but the fact is most people are ok with a functional phone and that’s about it……they don’t need the latest and greatest, hence their choice for cheaper android solutions, hence these figures.

    2. hauyee says:

      Obviously, they do.

      What have you been smoking?

  8. truman6 says:

    if droidfags dun jump ship, do u really think apple could get this high? needless to argue, u got brain to think yourself..

  9. seancorr says:

    Haters gonna hate. If you don’t like Apple then don’t buy their stuff and don’t bother the rest of the world using its products.

  10. Janson says:

    Yeap again the same old story that claims that Apple made huge profit margins…
    What to do diehard fans just don’t mind buying overpriced products =.=

  11. Mohamed Afni Abdullah says:

    See this article was released just to justify when the latest report of Samsung remain the top spot in the Apple hometown USA.

  12. Will Lim Wee Leong says:

    They just love buying cheap product with ridiculous price 🙂

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