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Hands On: Oppo R7 Plus – a Premium Phablet with a Questionable Price Tag

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  1. InfoO2 says:

    SG 615 for 2k? Wow

  2. thomas sim says:

    Agreed with article, with S808 it’s justifiable for the price. Nexus 6 with QHD and flagship processor are just slightly more expensive than this S615 mid range phone.

  3. James Spader says:

    I am so dissapointed….crazy price….is shopping around for a 6″ phone…seems like current options only Huawei Ascend Mate 7 and R7 Plus…both also expensive. Specs are mid tier, but price at high tier. I refused to buy any of them!

    1. Amad Yus says:

      Go for nexus 6 la. Directd got RM1899 for imported set.

      1. James Spader says:

        I don’t buy AP.

  4. Terryble says:

    Totally agree with Andrew~~i am kinda disappointed with the price point for a snapdragon 615~~even if it is at 1700~~i think it is “still” acceptable~~but at 2,000? hmm, lets see what other alternatives there are…2015 flagship killer..the one plus 2 anyone?

  5. user99999 says:

    oppo is the china apple.

    1. Terryble says:

      Ermm so? China Apple = Apple? It is a just another China Brand~~ 🙁
      Was seriously thinking to pre-order this~~but now i really will give it a second thought….Not that i cant afford it~~just dont think it worth that price tag~~
      Lets wait and see what Oneplus can offer at USD450 (RM1,710) price point~~confirmed Snapdragon 808 and 4GB LPDDR4 RAM~~
      Just hope Oneplus can really be available in Malaysia officially~~

      1. user99999 says:

        deswai it is china apple…absurd product price for the spec given. the real apple at least have quality built into their software and hardware. this oppo? nah!!

      2. user99999 says:

        their price is high compared to others with similar spec. hence, oppo is the china apple.

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