Local Comedian Discovers Pictures Of Him And His Son On Pornographic Site

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  1. uat88 says:

    Sickening! These people must be punished heavily.

    1. In Malaysia, they will give them scholarship and welcome them back 🙁

      1. uat88 says:

        A tragedy indeed.

  2. Motoyama says:

    Deswei, Don’t post your life story and family photos on the internet if you value your privacy. No such thing as privacy on the internet no matter how you configure Facebook.

  3. Mike Tan says:

    I’m wondering how Harith found out? Google’d it yourself or you’ve been browsing porn? Hehehe.

    1. afiqhamzah says:

      I’m wondering if you actually read the article? He used Google Alerts…

  4. john smile says:

    i wander how much girl like selfie will be in porn website?? if Harith is not actor, nobody care…

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