SNS Network Announces JOI KinderTab, an Educational Tablet for Kids, at Only RM499

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  1. Alpha_Tay says:

    one of the cheapest /for childrens/ rugged tablet plus optional Bumpee case.

  2. Aniki says:

    this kinda pricing… i can easily get a 8″ windows tablet with 2GB RAM at around RM300

  3. Hohoho says:

    there goes their childhood 🙂

  4. Jonathan says:

    i pity the schools that buy this

  5. truman6 says:

    this product will fail i think..

    1.) The rich would buy ipad & the poor will opt for china made tablets, both have more function that is suitable for adult as well.

    2.) Oh, education…I’m operating a daycare centre with tuition. The rich & poor, both would prefer electronic dictionary with downloadable & updates which helps alot in their studies. (range price form RM400-2k, some less affordable parents even buy from another parents who plan to upgrade a newer & better)

  6. NightFelix says:

    I think this is designed to sell to gov school.. Meanwhile, how about unlock it and flash it with CM.

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