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Doogee F3 Limited Edition Features Snapdragon 810, 2K Display and 4GB RAM for Only RM1,315

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  1. nilinaxolotl says:

    Too good to be true?

  2. Tatep Anjang says:

    8GB front-facing snapper? wow

  3. aik457 says:

    another overheat Snapdragon 810 phone?

  4. Sho Fukamachi says:

    err….did u insinuate something in relation to the brand name in your first pic above?

  5. Phelix Pun says:

    OnePlus two wannabe?

  6. thomas sim says:

    How about android version and how many bloatware installed ? It’s pretty useless without good software optimisation.

  7. Emimarson says:

    When I saw flagship smartphone announced with Snapdragon 810, I will just skip it.

    I hope current flagship smartphone will be equipped with Samsung S6/S6 Edge’s Exynos 7 Octa 7420 which is 14nm, 64-bit and most important, no overheat issue.

    1. Skywax9016 says:

      I don’t think that Samsung is going to sell easily their exynos chip to competitor for the same market. But the latest exynos is clearly the best chip android can get for this term. The Tegra X1 might be better in graphical performance, but Exynos 7420 really takes the cake for overall performance of the SOC within lower power envelop

      1. Emimarson says:

        Forget about Tegra, those chips are power hungry, even Tegra K1 can be found in tablet only.

        I was expecting few latest flagships to consider, but right now seems like S6/S6 Edge own the market.

        Qualcomm screw almost all flagships of big names!

        1. Skywax9016 says:

          Actually, I kinda like the idea of tablet-only SOCs. It makes sense to me that if you would have a device that could hold a bigger battery and dissipate heat better, that it would be equipped with an SOC that is more powerful (with more heat and power consumption) compared to a smaller device that is bound tighter to those restrictions. It seems a waste to have a larger device to only be equipped with an SOC that is tuned for smaller devices.

  8. Ian says:

    snapdragon clearing out old 810 chips with overheat issue?

    the new oneplus two is said to have the latest ‘fixed’ 810 v2.1.

  9. Zoealandy says:

    So how about Doogee F3 Pro? just saw it CooliCool store

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