Digi SmartPlan Special Promo Offers 3GB of Data for Only RM36 a Month, Comes with Free Calls & SMS Too

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  • InfoO2

    Nah sorry digi, your service and line sucks

  • Emimarson

    100 minutes to all network?

    • Huei Song

      Yes, to all networks

      • Emimarson

        Kinda weird, RM36 for the first year within contract, then revert back to RM50 (13th month onwards), it’s like “convincing” existing users change to other plan or telco.

        • zzzxtreme

          celcom 38 killing competition.

        • disqus_AssUgJw3Oy

          convincing you to stick to a contract

  • Ng Teck Kuan

    When is Maxis going to wake up?

    • xperiaDROID

      They’re still dreaming that their current plan offerings are the best among all telcos in Malaysia, and they’re proud of their Maxis OneShare. WOW…

  • xperiaDROID

    So, even if you sign up during the promotion period, you won’t get this RM 36 monthly commitment price forever, and only 1 year? Go home lah, Digi. Nice try though. Celcom is way better.

  • vez

    Maxis still dreaming.. ONE the only ONE telco that offer the only ONE expensive plan…
    this Digi plan will only make Maxis continue to lose out in competition, not Celcom 😀

  • Ken How

    Digi 36 vs Celcom 38? I think Digi will not notify you when your free calls are almost gone but Celcom YES. Digi use contract binding but Celcom NO. Digi will forfeit the balance internet data but Celcom bring forward. Digi 100mins free call but Celcon 50mins only. It’s up2u but i choose Celcom now.

    • Bunny

      <— CELCOM

    • hey, the RM36 is only for 12 month recurring, after 12 month it will back to RM50 permonth hahahahahaha good

      • Vic Wong

        you will enjoy for the first 12 month and start suffer w expensive pkg after that. hahaha

  • Bunny

    I been using the Celcom First 38 now. My bills has been under 50! wow. 🙂

  • Daniel Ng

    another digi marketing gimmick trying to tipu consumers.

  • ianBBB@FFF

    will be cancelling my maxis once the contract is over…

  • Tsukiyomi Umenomori

    3GB @ RM36 for a year than reverts back to RM50 (which I’m using now) is pretty darn good plan. To those who think it isn’t, just stick to your current plan till it’s gone. Haters gotta hate =P

    • Alvin Vesper

      Current digi users not eligible, only those from diff telco.

  • snapfinger

    to be honest, this is not the best plan, but still a million times better than Maxis with their horrible service.

  • gsforlife

    conman !!!

  • limboh

    but this digi 36 have to bind with 12 months contract le…if later on find out that the plan is not suitable or service not nice..then really swt…

  • Prithipal

    Digi’s voice, data and customer service stinks worse than a skunk.

  • isaac2005

    Sucks man…this plan is only for DIGI personal plan, where for corporate plan, totally cant get it! For Biz plan, RM 88 for 1GB….HURRAY! DIGI BOLEH!!!

  • xproc

    i now using digi smartplan 108 (no contract) and using less than 2 gb data now… so means i can change to this promo plan?

  • glorysoap

    Telco C 38 better..the unused data and be carried forward but Telco D 36 not allow carry forward..
    sumore Telco D 36 no wifi…while telco C provides 3 GB wifi and Telco C coverage can be found everywhere..

  • Joville Tan

    Fair statement. Im both Digi and Celcom user and honestly, Digi is getting nowhere better while Celcom is actually been promptly updating their service. Yes, i agreed that their customer service sucks but lets accept it if their line and plan offered is what you wanted and you’re happily paying for it every month. Im putting my vote to Celcom. They are better. Period.

  • Vic Wong

    enjoy for the first 12 month w low rate that they offer now and start suffer w expensive pkg after that. hahaha

    definitely will not choose DG -.-

  • Leo

    Sigh, balik lah DG 🙁

  • limboh

    Telco D customer services said that the user have to pay RM
    50 for advance payment during the registration of this 36 plan…but telco C
    confirmed that no such advance payment for 38 buyer sure will go to

    And bear in mind that telco C is using 4G LTE and they are
    the first one in msia. So the coverage connectivity and speed are undeniable nomber
    one in our country..

  • glorysoap

    Don’t go for telco C la..their coverage really poor

    Some places are totally no connectivity at all..

    It is hard for me to call out at genting when I used telco D.. really
    is like paying every month but without get what have paid out..

  • limboh

    Telco D services really bad…they
    have to improve their technology as it can be seen that their services and
    connectivity really poor..the line will be unstable when out from town..really

  • glorysoap

    And telco D don’t have wifi leh..different with telco C as wifi is everywhere…

    With 3GB wifi by plan 38, the user can download movie anywhere by using telco C hotspot..

  • limboh

    Telco D promotion only valid for 12 months? Serious? That’s mean
    the price will expensive after 12 month??

  • glorysoap

    Ya..doesn’t make sense right cz telco C’s 3GB data and 3 GB wifi is given for whole life as long as you sign on the plan during their promotion period..

  • limboh

    telco D is just chasing their consumer out as can’t find any benefit from purchasing this new plan…they just give the consumers some candy for 12 months…swt

  • glorysoap

    smart consumer will definitly go for C 38 la…
    -speed fast.
    -data 3gb + wifi 3GB for whole life for those sign up during promotion period.
    -unused data can be carried forward.
    -wide coverage
    -free calls n sms
    who else will abandon this good plan and go for D…definitly no

  • glow

    truly not happy with digi lately. have been a loyal customer and i think is time to switch.