Hands On: Xiaomi Mi 4i – Inspired By India, Built For The World

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  1. CY says:

    Looks cheap….. guess this will be the mi3 replacement. SD800 vs SD615

    1. InfoO2 says:

      IMO mi3 still better in some point 😡

      1. Airyl says:

        Not really. There’s not really any reason to take the Mi3 over the Mi4i outside of design preference since the Mi4i is better in almost every aspect.

        1. molexcv123 says:

          Technically the Mi3 already out of production. so Mi4i is the only choice in the RM800 price point.

      2. Felix says:

        Do not buy this if you are using mi3 as the performance is even worse than mi3
        Especially web browsing and FB.
        This phone lag most of times!!!

        I’m regretted that I sold my mi3.

        1. Felix says:

          Unless 4G LTE is what you want and you don’t mind to sacrifice phone performance.

        2. InfoO2 says:

          lol the comment was a month ago, why you sell your mi3 for mi4i? Obvious that mi3 is perform better, lol

          1. Felix says:

            I didn’t noticed this post was one month ago… I sold mi3 due to LTE and Android 5.0
            But the performance is so bad.. Sigh

          2. InfoO2 says:

            But we tested on mi fans gather it was quite smooth @@

    2. Felix says:

      Snapdragon 800 wins!

  2. zzzxtreme says:

    Non expandable storage is huge deal breaker to otherwise a perfect phone

    1. InfoO2 says:

      Well yeah, seems it’s for normal usage

    2. user9999 says:

      seems stupid decision. would be perfect if it comes with expandable storage. if i were the ceo or coo, i would push the team to include it.

    3. Bunny says:

      Second that

  3. InfoO2 says:

    How do you know is May btw?

    1. yeong yee yon says:

      hugo barra stated inside the conference..i think

  4. Hanson says:

    Got support OTG?

  5. uat88 says:

    They should have bring in Mi4 and make it a global phone.

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