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Maxis to Offer OnePlus One for RM859 Starting 22 April 2015

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  1. Vicknesh Shanmugam says:

    Can anyone just walk in & buy the phone outright without being Maxis customer?

    1. Bunny says:

      Yes. “In a new forum post, OnePlus has updated that the OnePlus One 64GB will be available unlocked without contract at RM1,199. You can purchase it either online at or at Maxis Stores nationwide. They added that OnePlus accessories will be sold at Maxis Centres and if you mention the password “Never Settle”, they will throw in an extra free screen protector with your purchase.” @soyacincau

  2. Yong says:

    RM859 for a yesteryear specs phone plus contract… answer is NO

    1. Vicknesh Shanmugam says:

      Judging a device just by spec alone is irrelevant in 2015

      1. motospokesperson says:

        kinda agree with u lol

  3. InfoO2 says:

    OnePlus One, RM1199 retail? That was expensive

    1. Rick Wong says:

      LOL? RM1199 64gb beast u say expensive? If u can find same spec but cheaper then only u can say it is expensive.

      1. InfoO2 says:

        I said, a little bit expensive, not expensive, means only around RM10~100

  4. user9999 says:

    for expensive. a price around 650-750 would be nice.

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