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Maxis Claims Exclusive Rights To OnePlus One

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  • Andre Kua

    Now Im interested to see if anyone would sign OnePlan just for a OnePlus One… hahahaha.

  • InfoO2

    One for one~

  • mahsing

    I dont find it unique for this oneplus phone.

  • bladegun

    Late by 1 year. By the time we got this official unit in our hands, there comes the OnePlus Two. 😛

  • somebodynicho

    oh well, this is soooooooooooooooo yesterday. One Plus Two is already on it’s way out man.

  • Bunny

    too little too late…

  • Ng Teck Kuan

    actually in 1 April 2015, local tech site already had this news that Maxis going to launch OnePlus One with MaxisOne contract. The OPO price RM1299 and with contract price at RM959