Telco Companies To Lower Broadband Package Prices By At Least 6%

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  1. kuntilanak says:

    Telco charges here are high with relatively lousy service… Should’ve pushed them to reduce pricing looooooong ago… (-_-)”

  2. Yong says:

    Key sentence: Whereas larger Telcos like Celcom, Digi, U Mobile and YTL have requested ADDITIONAL TIME to come up with new packages.
    Conclusion: Price will remain.

  3. James Spader says:

    “Fixed Line Broadband minimum 1Mbps and 1GB data quota”…wahhh!! Cukur! Cukur!
    I must call my friend in Singapork who use 1GBPs internet for SGD 50 and tell him to come back to Malaysia!

  4. Zachy says:

    Fixed line broadband packages will need to have at least 1Mbps of speed with a download cap of 1GB and 30-day validity. As for mobile broadbands, the package has to comprise a minimum 1GB data quota running on at least 3G speeds, with 30 days of validity.

    Most of the people is getting this already. I don’t see this will bring significant benefits when they’re setting baseline below majority’s basic requirement. I believe it will be more beneficial if MCMC stick to initial proposal to lower the price of entry level packages, connecting everyone.

  5. attw says:

    How about y’all keep the 6% and just improve your services and speed?

  6. sadFace says:

    I thought GST is implemented becoz we wanna be like 1st rate country.. But internet still…………….. sigh sigh sigh

  7. David Lee says:

    Lower 6%, GST 6%, in the end no difference.

    True fact, before GST, UniFi no 6% gomen tax.

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