Google Officially Announces Android 5.1 Update

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  1. Ismail Mohd Yusof says:

    Device protection. yeah. good. this one shud be a must have upgrade on all phone. and of coz. make big news of it. a lot less stolen device

  2. Bunny says:

    WHAT? and i am still stuck on KitKat 🙁

    1. Jake Jacobs says:

      Upgrade! 😉

  3. uSKY says:

    just minor update…

  4. Susu Basi says:

    no news on moto g 1st gen issues after lollipop upgrade?? how lame google

  5. kw says:

    tha’ts problem with android…. any upgrade will need to wait for very long time until each phone makers gets it out

  6. KenAragorn says:

    My Nexus 4 …after upgraded to Lolipop 5.0.1…lots of problem…Camera sometime auto-close when using it, phone sometime auto-restart, and now no time to rollback…or I should say, getting tired to do those downgrade. Fast or slow?Good or bad for fast upgrade? Hmm, fast also don’t guarantee will be better. Just my own thoughts.

  7. uat88 says:

    I hope all Android phone brands quickly update it to 5.1 That’s the biggest problem in Android platform.

  8. banana says:

    I wondering would it block the reboot function into download mode…..XD (prevent thief from flashing new rom and voila new phone again…)

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