Apple’s New 2015 MacBook Listed in Apple Store Malaysia, Starts From RM4,499

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  1. Human says:

    Wow, kind of surprised me that they only use a conversion rate of under 3.5 compared to US’s pricing. Contrary to their price rise in iphones…

  2. Human says:

    Wait, I think this pricing may not be final or lasting yet. Expecting them to adjust a more “reasonable” price soon.

    1. M6 says:

      i think the price is REASONABLE to Apple. They upgrade the graphic and put standard 256GB and 8G ram. Try check price for Macbook Air 13′ with 256GB and 8G ram, the price almost similar. But buying this Macbook u get latest design.

      1. solo_wing says:

        I hope Asus or Lenovo would never sell their computers like Apple did…

  3. uat88 says:

    It’s too expensive. Pass!

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