These Are the New Apple Watch Prices

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  1. Airyl says:

    RM2000+. For a dumb watch. And it’s not even good looking.

  2. Mohamed Afni Abdullah says:

    No caller id, even my first gen Galaxy Gear has photo id for incoming calls

  3. uSKY says:

    Looks like finally they know they can make up the price as much as they like… someone will just pay it….

  4. Filament says:

    I’ll laugh hard deep inside if I saw someone wearing this thing.

    1. kw says:

      I wanted to say that but talking about apple I didn’t said it out. Steve Ballman used to laugh at iPhone too when it first appeared.

      1. Filament says:

        I’m just a regular person, not a public figure so it didn’t matter. In fact, I laughed hard inside when someone is using the iPhone and behaving like it’s far superior than others.

  5. Ng Teck Kuan says:

    the purpose to buy an Apple Watch is to show other people that you can afford to buy an Apple Watch. If not using together with iPhone then I guess is pretty much down to limited functionality.
    by the way persons wearing an expensive Apple Watch tend to get more attention from robbers maybe?

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