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HTC One M9 Pictures And Specifications Leaked

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  1. Airyl says:

    RM3100. I’ll just stick with the Mi Note, thank you very much.

    1. Cyrus says:

      yea, I’m interested in mi note pro too, hehe

  2. mdanialhaziq says:

    Insane price tag

  3. Ikaros says:

    There is no way it could cost that much. No way in hell.

    1. redhotcilipadis says:

      Could it be because the RM is on the slide at the moment?

  4. truman6 says:

    nothing’s changed or different, EXCEPT the PRICE!!! Wow!

  5. sami says:

    too much , they went full throttle after sony backing off

  6. アダム ジェイムズ says:

    not paying so ex for this kind of phone.. i rather par for One + Two.

  7. lostman says:

    M9 is a minor evolution of the M8, design almost looks just like that of the M8, the data sheet shows only subtle changes outside the camera. with a more ambitious product, the Samsung Galaxy S6 can easily steals the show for the HTC One M9.

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