Millions of Facebook Users Don’t Think They’re Using the Internet

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  1. zzzxtreme says:

    i remember the era where people go to , and type in the URL they want to go in search box

  2. cyc85 says:

    Why facebook user is higher than internet user? This is because not everyone can owned internet in developing country. They depends on WIFI and Hotspots to get in internet. They thought facebook user don’t know internet? Facebook users will know what is internet when they cannot connect to facebook and need to find “line(internet/wifi/hotspot)”.

    *one more reason would be too many fake facebook account created for whatever reasons.

    1. dumfvck says:

      OK Sherlock holmes go study engrand first.

    2. kzm says:

      FB user higher because they dont know FB uses maybe those pipu who ask question “do you internet user?” that FB user say “No”..but when asking if they are FB user they say “Yes”…simple analogy is all FB user is internet user n not all internet user is FB user.

  3. Syahriman Nordin says:

    Sorry i am too lazy to look at the detailed study but I failed to understand this? How can ‘Internet User’ and ‘Facebook User’ be in the same category? Is like comparing how many people ‘eats’ and how many people have ‘steak’ and put it in the same result. What was the question in the first place? “Are you an internet user or Facebook user?” if this were the question, what do you think most of us will answer?

    1. dumfvck says:

      Are you stupid? You have to use one to use the another.. Even your retarded analogy can be proved the same way. Do you have steak by not eating?

      1. Syahriman Nordin says:

        Hi dumfvck. I am not smart nor stupid. Even you state “you have to use one to use another”. Like my simple analogy, we EAT STEAK, same goes to we use INTERNET to access FACEBOOK. So it will bounce back to my question. How can Facebook and Internet be compare in the same category. An internet is a global network and Facebook is just a social site (on the net). So if you were given the questionnaire “Are you an internet user or Facebook user?” what would be your answer? Mine would be both, because im using internet to go to facebook. Do you thing it is wise to make this comparison? I just dont get the rationale behind this comparison. I have read the detailed study and still dont get it. BTW, they are stuying facebook penetration and time spend. So i think the actual question would be “What media social site you visit the most?” or “How many hours you spend on social media site?” not “Are you an internet user or a Facebook user?”….

        Sincerely me…

        1. kzm says:

          well those FB user dont know they are internet user…the one who know say they are internet user.

        2. ionStorm says:

          The chart on its own would be rather meaningless but the data presented in this article is part of a much larger survey. It is simply presented this way to highlight the oddity of users not realizing that Facebook is delivered via the Internet.

          I hope you took the time to read the source?

        3. dumfvck says:

          Wow you really still don’t get it do you? ggwp life for you.

      2. MoogleStiltzkin says:

        “You have to use one to use the another..”

        not to troll or incite, but actually, you don’t need facebook to use the internet….. e.g. there are many other things you can use the internet for that is not dependent on facebook, e.g. browsing to a non facebook website, torrent, or some other stuff.

        i’m a heavy internet user but i rarely ever touch facebook, cept maybe when there is some competition that requires a facebook account to sign up. but sometimes it only requires just an email.

  4. dumfvck says:

    Can’t believe these two idiots in the comment section are as retarded as the ones in the article.

    1. cyc85 says:

      do you have to write a new comment to prove that you are smart? All your
      comments are saying you are smarter but you did not provide any good
      reason or proof for the article. Might as well don’t comment at all.

      1. Abg Rongak Waknan says:

        1. I agree with dubfvck about certain thing while…
        2. I totally disagree the usage of harsh words

      2. dumfvck says:

        Lol did I any way try to prove that I’m smart? Very good comprehension skills mr engrand.
        Sorry I can’t find articles researched on your IQ level.

  5. Wong Yee Ming says:

    The same figures will apply to China too. Why? Because one internet user can have multiple FB accounts. Very common occurences. Even my mom had 10 FB acc. Lol…

    Or perhaps it is the way the question has been phrased. Will need to have a look at the questionaire, as it may have asked “Do u use internet for other reasons other than FB” or interpreted in that manner. The article linked provide little information other than to ridicule the intended country, so we’ll have to take it with a pinch of salt (or loads of them) 😛

  6. Abg Rongak Waknan says:

    The problem was (as it was stated in the article) many people didn’t realize that Facebook use the Internet…plus some people having multiple FB accounts didn’t help also

  7. James Spader says:

    I am heavy internet user…but don’t use FB. Hate FB and all social media crap. Especially people who post non-stop on FB, what they eat, what they shit, and all sorts of personal grandmother stories nobody gives a fcuk about. Pathetic self-centered losers.

    1. Phelix Pun says:

      best part is if you don’t post think they you are weird! lol

  8. MoogleStiltzkin says:

    facebook is essentially a social website accessible over the internet. it ain’t complicated people….

    the more detailed explanation is pretty much how websites work over the internet. u sign up to a ISP to provide internet connectivity. you then use a browser to login to facebook website via the http protocol use by websites. and you need to transmit and receive packets of data which are essentially 1’s and 0’s of digital information in order to post and receive messages on facebook.

    so yes you can be connected to facebook via either the pc, tablet, smartphone, or some other device that has access to facebook via app or browser. And it’s still via the means of access to the internet. thats how facebook or any website for that matter works (unless of course, that site happens to be a local network site on an intranet)

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