New Law in Singapore Will Fine You for Holding a Phone

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  1. InfoO2 says:

    Is good, save a lot of lifes

  2. Aaron says:

    the title is so midleading, as if mobile phone is illegal in singapore

  3. seancorr says:

    I think you still can make calls and read SMS’s through your car bluetooth system with your phone in the pocket so its not that bad so to speak.

  4. Kopi Ais says:

    is time to practice fully utilize of siri/google talk in vehicles.

  5. Lonely Cupid says:

    Should implement this in Malaysia, Everyday I can see people holding their phone on hand mostly wechat-ing

    1. Yong Chai says:

      pdrm got more coffee to drink if enforced….

      1. borninlondon says:

        So only others countries can make law n u will follow n not malaysian law as if the police will take the money n put in their pockets? Shame on you!!

  6. NightFelix says:

    Anyone think of this?

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