U Mobile Announces New #GetClever Prepaid and Postpaid Plans With Free Calls and More

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  1. InfoO2 says:

    That was super cheap

    1. InfoO2 says:

      Depends on what you need, in old package seems to suit more user for cheap internet without call, for me this is good as I need call and internet as well, I don’t mind on the u to u 30min for now

  2. InfoO2 says:

    What’s the differente between UMI50 and P50? @@

    1. malek says:

      One is a prepaid plan (UMI) while the other is a postpaid plan.

  3. Cyrus says:

    UMI30 is better than P70+2 supp line

  4. umobileuser says:

    Still need to reload rm 30 for 30 days usage although using umi 20.

  5. adam woo says:

    Do not trust Umobile, they are big time crooks! When I switch to P70 plan at Setiawangsa on Feb 1st they told me that 30mins free call can even be share between my sub line without telling me have to use up my 70mins before I can utilised it. So I converted my prepaid & also get an additional sub line. Yesterday when I check my call usage I notice that my 70mins has almost finished off. Only left 30+ mins & I call their customer service. The guy insist that all the Umobile calls is free & not deducted from my 70 mins. But today I check again & I was left with 18mins so i call again. Now the gal came out with a different story. She says the 30mins is only free after I use up the 70mins. So they think we are morons to change from U88 with this new shitty plan? If by today they did not revert back to me I am going to lodge a complaint with SKMM because now they say no more U88.

    1. hlpang says:


      refer faq

      Which bundled voice calls in my postpaid plans is being utilized first?

      All calls made to either on-net calls (to U Mobile Network) or off- net minutes (to other network) will utilize the ALL network bundle. Once exhausted, only the on-net calls (to U Mobile Network) will utilize the FREE on-net bundle and the off- net minutes (to other network) will be charged Pay As You Use charges.

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