Xiaomi: “We Have No Plans to Bring the Mi 4 to Malaysia”

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  1. Renegade says:

    Thank you xiaomi, you’ve just screwed us up eventho we’ve given our loyalty to you.

    1. Matt says:

      LOL…just a phone guys

      1. mr2k9 says:

        It may be just a phone for you but for for this guys, xiaomi is love xiamo is life 😛

  2. Hunter says:

    Xiaomi getting lansi? Now at the top, increasing its ‘flagship’ pricing, and pulling the plug on a quite anticipated device here in Malaysia + Singapore.

    Lets see how the Mi Note (and Mi Note PRO?) will be a hit or not.

  3. aMoKio says:

    Ofcox they are not going to launch new devices here, Malaysia is for them to dump all the old phones.
    Maybe they WILL, but after they done launching the Mi5 or Mi6 first. cheers!!

  4. Vinod says:

    I think it’s an understandable decision given that they plan to send the Mi Note our way at a decent time. Probably aimed at avoiding poor Note sales as most people will opt for the Mi4.

  5. Ng Teck Kuan says:

    Q2 2015??? Oops… The price need to include GST as well…

  6. Airyl says:

    I guess I’m fine with this. I’m not as disappointed as I expected to be.

  7. mi says:

    i prefer mi note more than mi4

  8. Jimmy Pay Chong Wei says:

    If because of hardware issue I think it is OK not bring buggy phone here

  9. Emimarson says:

    Fucking liar Hugo Barra who said Mi4 will be available in Malaysia before end of 2014.

  10. xproc says:

    xiaomi fag…

  11. sadFace says:

    I don’t really like the Mi note, becoz of the screen size is big for me. As I am using Mi3 and iPhone 6 right now, becoz of the right size for me. Quite sad with this news.

  12. Andy says:

    Hahahaha, told you guys that Hugo is kaki kencing!

  13. upm says:

    we cant do much as this is their marketing strategy to sell mi note instead of mi4 which is cheaper. Look’s like they want to widen the product range in worldwide (higer end mi note and low end redmi), mid-range phone a lot of competitor in worldwide and it is wise marketing plan to exclude that.

  14. uat88 says:

    Of course, they need to make money. Bye-bye cheap price soon.

  15. uat88 says:

    Almost like the song, “tipu-tipu Malaysia”

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