Intel Compute Stick Will Put Windows On Your TV

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  1. zzzxtreme says:

    this is bloody awesome

    full windows desktop OS, and extra usb ports, I can plug in whatever I want.

    Audio interface, input devices, printers, scanners, etc…

    run full version of Mame, Dosbox

    1. ghostbtr says:

      Watch out, i have few this low-end intel processor “PC”, can’t even play HD video properly. Do not mention the coming 4K video recorded by HP.

      1. zzzxtreme says:

        this is a full desktop OS where u can install ms offce, adobe photoshop and what not. totally different segment

        1. ghostbtr says:

          I have the ATOM board, and AMD Fusion. Both Video playback are so lousy. Get one, and try it. U will be so pissed, when a 2G FullHD Mp4 can’t play on this tiny computer.

    2. ghostbtr says:

      Android TV box is more promising. At least it won’t have problem in Full HD video nowaday.

      1. zzzxtreme says:

        the new intel chips can play 4K video lah

    3. Emimarson says:

      Razer Forge TV (Android TV box) more powerful and cheaper, cost 2/3 of this compute stick.

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