Leak: HTC One (M9) Specs and HTC One M9 Prime

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  1. noos says:

    “5.5” 2K display with a resolution of 260 x 1440” ?

    should be 2560 X 1440

    1. Huei Song says:

      Thank you for informing and sorry for the typo!

  2. Jacky Lau says:

    Getting bigger and bigger 😀

  3. Faris Fitri says:

    With front facing speakers and HTC’s typically large bezels, a 5.5″ screen will already result in a large phone. I don’t see the point of making a phone even larger than that.

    1. adam cray says:

      It is a concern if htc stick with their previous htc ones’ front speakers design.. But if they use the speaker design like the one in htc desire eye which is almost unnoticeable then it’s not gonna be a problem. Hopefully.

  4. Ikaros says:

    The only thing I’m disappointed in after seeing these specs is the snapdragon 805. Yes, by march it’ll still be a perfectly capable processor, but they should have chosen the snapdragon 810 chip instead

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