Celcom Unveils Internet of Xpax Prepaid Plan: Featuring Free Internet, Calls and Games Everyday

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  1. Emimarson says:

    This make ghost/booster seller rage!

  2. 123opo says:

    looks like this will be competing against the #hotlink plan

    waiting for hotlink’s next move

  3. Husnil Amar says:

    no hidden charge?

  4. Seatux says:

    With this they also dropped the old RM5 – 500MB plans and RM18 1GB plans. I feel sad now. Now would just let my XPax credit expire and buy another SIM pack instead.

    1. Avenger Osiris says:

      I can’t find anything in the article that saying the old plans/packages are no longer available or valid?

      1. Nur says:

        Existing Mobile Internet plans (Daily, Weekly & Monthly) have been phased out and will no longer be available. However if you are currently subscribed to any of them, you will be able to finish the subscription. You will not be allowed to subscribe to them again upon expiry.

    2. Nur says:

      rm5 – 500MB (daily) changed to rm5 – 300MB + 300MB(social media)
      rm18 – 1GB (weekly) changed to rm10 – 300MB

  5. Seatux says:

    If you have a XPax SIM, try seeing your options using USSD code *118#.

    I also SMS to 28882 for the usual plans “Broadband Weekly” and “Broadband Daily” and it now says its been discontinued.

    I am on XPax 24 plan tier, to note.

  6. Raja Nazri says:

    It’s 3 cents/min IF you call for 10 mins, right? A single 1 minute (heck… even 30secs call) is 33cents…xD

    And with the 50 cents/50kb chargem.. I bet user credit will be s**ked down like crazym.

  7. Boyak says:

    Who’s the model? Whats her name?

  8. sadFace says:

    What I want to know is the speed after we exceed the internet data plan given. Let say I subscribe monthly internet for rm28. What happen after that, can i still use the internet? Dont mind if can still use although as not as fast as before..

    1. Mira Lock says:

      When you exceeded the internet quota, you will be charged based on pay-per-use. There is no longer UNLIMITED ACCESS to internet once your quota is used up, even when your internet plan validity is still valid.

      Kinda sucks, imo.

  9. sadFace says:

    Can we extend the validity period for 1 year and 2 years like before?

  10. Chris SKC says:

    X menarik

  11. Dwijadas says:

    Why so complicated ya ?

    I use Hotlink Free Basic Internet.. I cant find anything better

  12. Faiz says:

    Xpax dah buat throttle pelan internet rupanya.
    Baru syok layan Internet 😛

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