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No Google, Malaysia is Not 69 Years Old

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  1. Madd3rz says:

    Looks like Google team just teleport’ed’ from year 2026 with their time machine they invented.

    1. Dee-Ker says:

      Since its Google we’re talking about, that could very well be the reason.

    2. mr2k9 says:

      or Google knew something about Malaysia that we Malaysian dont even knows. I smell conspiracy theory about this 😛

      1. Stanly says:


  2. Clon Yeong says:

    Changed it’s description to
    Celebrating 57th Malaysia National Day, Google Play has handpicked recent Top 20 Malaysian-liked games to reward our loyal Malaysia gamers. Enjoy the National Day Edition while it lasts! [Limited for 2 weeks ONLY!]

    1. CK Shieh says:

      Dude, the writer already mentioned those 20 games are already free in the first place. So, you are asking the gamer to enjoy what reward? Some more limited for 2 weeks?

      To me, those are just suggested game and nothing more. Really can’t see there is any reward taking place here.

    2. Bruce W says:

      should be 51th. 57th is Malaya without Sabah & Sarawak.

  3. Cunarra says:

    Ask google to google our National Day History. 😀

  4. ang says:

    Maybe google googled Indonesia instead of Malaysia

  5. frank says:

    “EDIT: Here are the countries celebrating their 69th year of
    independence: the Netherlands, Vietnam and our close neighbours,

    The Netherlands are 69 years old ? It seems the author of this article manages to be more retarded than Google…..

    Oh the irony…

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