Malaysian Taxi Drivers Don’t Want Uber, Either

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  1. Aq says:

    I support nex-gen taxis!

  2. Cyrus says:

    after i installed the apps through google play. I intend to register for an account but it need credit card info for the account registration? so those who dun hav credit card can’t use the apps basically?

    1. frustrated_user says:

      Debit card will do too.. their practise is to be cash-free, reducing hassle when making payment (at times people dont have exact change for the ride) and you can see what road they are taking (its shown on the ipad)

      1. Cyrus says:

        thx for the info, at 1st i was thought the apps is just to call taxi only.probably will try their service next time when i travel to kl.

        1. frustrated_user says:

          Sure, you can get free RM30, if you input the promocode when registering (at the input of payment method). Here’s a friend’s promocode “uberjeffro2u”, you’ll start enjoying your free ride – unlimited usage until your credit runs out 😛

  3. IckyMasala says:

    Wretched is right indeed when describing taxis in Malaysia.

    Then again those poor drivers have to fork out unreasonable amounts of money to middle men just to operate, leaving most of the vehicles in sub par condition.

  4. Wan Kay says:

    Good for the consumer now that they have the power to choose. Hopefully this will bring some shed of light to those taxi drivers to be more polite and honest (using meters) – not to mention to keep their cars clean and non smelly. Anyway, I support UBER!

  5. Hamtaro Lim says:

    If another company can make a profit with better service, comfortable luxury cars, lower or equal rates, I dont see why our local Taxi companies cant innovate new strategies against this. I suppose they have always been fed, hence lack the ability to think, hence go for the easy route out which is kicking out competition which is widely practised locally by authorities.

  6. mysky911 says:

    only loser scare of competitor… improve your service, dont just complain

  7. Stefan Kho Liang Wee says:

    wow, took them eight months to finally figure out that the company’s practice is against Malaysia’s transport law? Why didn’t the authorities stop them from operating on day one then?

    1. Lexxi Chen says:

      same case like LYNAS …why they never stop them from building the radioactive waste factory from day 1?? typical msian..always wanted to wait for last minute..tats why!!!

  8. mr2k9 says:

    Of course they dont want Uber. They can no longer jack up the price for a short distance travel.

  9. Kailzer says:

    Tried UberBlack 3 days ago and I managed to get Hyundai Starex. Service was great and very satisfied with it. I have been using uber for the past few months now and I have no complaint.

    Fast, easy and reasonably good price. To be honest, the drivers are much nicer too. Plus I do not have to go through the haggling with local saga taxi. I don’t understand why SPAD doesn’t want to look into the local taxis as especially in shopping malls area. The drivers are terrible!

    This is my promotion code of RM30.

    Use it for free ride! You can use it anytime. Registered using my debit card.

  10. Danny says:

    Claim your free Uber ride, worth up to $20!

  11. Phoënix says:

    hey this is my promo code —- syaqinag1ue

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