Oculus Cancels The Shipments Of People Trying To Sell Their Pre-Orders

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  1. takki says:

    Shouldn’t XiaoMi have done the same? Probably not. Probably it’s part of XiaoMi’s intention to create this hunger game.

    1. Andrew says:

      “There is a ‘no resale’ policy on the Oculus Rift development kits”
      This is dev kit , not actual product that available to mass.
      You should buy your bread directly from factory if you want eliminating scalper as 7-11 or Giant all are utilizing the same concept

      1. Mr.Solo says:

        Meh, this point again? Supermarkets like Giant buy in bulk from vendors to sell at a margin. So that makes them similar to scalpers?

        Supermarkets provide a WIDE array of wholesale stuffs at almost wholesale prices in one place, without the hassle of us having to go round everywhere searching for what we need. There’s more assurance for the things we buy from them with the guarantee they can provide on the stuff they sell. The same principle applies to grocery stores and minimart. You get the idea.

        Scalpers are more like the malay saying, “untung atas angin je”.

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