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First Look: Xiaomi Mi Pad

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  • IF IT SELL UNDER RM999, I will straight take three.

    • KL. Yong

      provided u able to ordered 3 from their website..normally only 1 account 1 device… 😛

      • Don’t jump on the bandwagon at first lorh 😛

    • mingy

      for 16GB YES!!!! for 64GB just slightly over RM1K!!!!

  • tj81090

    where to buy this other than their website?

  • paohyean

    I’m just curious though..
    Considering this is almost a clone of the iPad mini..
    Can any of the iPad mini cases fit onto it??

    • mingy

      the port on the side won’t fit…..

  • justanotherguy

    That is almost a carbon copy of the Ipad Air, both software and looks wise= =

    • Airyl

      No it’s not. It’s better, faster and more affordable.

      • ChenSaw

        Hi Airyl, your word “It’s better, faster” is just meaning of hardware only, people love Apple iPad/iPhone BECAUSE of their software iOS, Simple UI, Million App/Game of AppStore. Your Last word “more affordable” versus with iOS or? this one i didn’t found any different with android, just same, you just can say this is the best android tablet compare other android base brand. lol~ Cloud is Cloud..Exterior Design, Homepage Default Wallpaper, Desktop Top 4 Logo Shortcut per row, bottom row 4 shortcut, Multi-Tasking interface, everything just copy from iPad..not copy not cloud then is?

        • My two cents:

          Current iOS 7 is as buggy and crappy as the Android 4.2 (when it just came out), it even lags with no apparent reason on the Ipad 2 and make iPhone 4S technically unusable. On the other hand, my ageing HTC Desire still running strong on 4.4, until died recently due to battery problems. (FYI, Desire born in the ages of 2.2 Froyo)

          Comparing apps and games, pls do reminded that both parties had more than 1 millions app in their respective app store. And I’m simply not interested in the comparison which I think will not yield any constructive results.

          And again, a quick review on MIUI will resulted it similarity with iOS since the born of MIUI where a lot of debate being fought over it. However, it is still one of the most successful fork of android to date, on earth. That pretty much show that no body really care how it look, as long it work properly.

          Or put it in other way, it is really that there is nothing to be pride off then you only able to shout out loud it’s copying merely where the eyes meet?

  • Nouda

    Damn that looks good. I’d buy one if they would just sell them here! 😀

  • ray chia

    if it has mobile data then it would b better

  • Alex Rogen

    It’s total bullshit, why don’t you just get the original iPad Mini? This square thing, if I drop it, the plastic casing on the back would just break and cost me lots of money to buy the whole damn shit -___-

    • Hunter

      so are you implying the ipad mini to be indestructible? XD

      If you drop your ipad mini, and something breaks/cracks, you still need to fork out much more $$$, hell you could even buy 2 more Mi Pads just to repair the ipad mini imo..

      • ChenSaw

        Hunter, ipad mini maybe not indestructible, but lucky famous apple brand with quality material product still have a lot of choice protection case such Griffin Survivor Case, Otter, Roklock, and etc..Mi Pad? maybe just rubber case only, want protective case? maybe wait a year or after discontinue ? XD

  • kelpa32

    Are Apple going to sue 小米 like they did to 三星그룹.

  • Im_EJ

    nice product with Nvidia new chipset. Hope they improve on the tablet material. If this remains, guess we have to depend on covers then.

    Good job, XiaoMi.