Ninetology U9Z1T LTE Smartphone Is Now Official: Priced At RM 899 Before Rebate

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  1. Dwijadas says:

    I know people loves new design and model.. but this one not going to win over MI 3.. and the craze is MI3 .. feel sorry for Ninetology

  2. Dee Ker says:

    Having Ninetology to price this phone at RM889 is just asking for customers to compare with it with the MI3

  3. xperiaDROID says:

    This thing is crap, Xiaomi Mi3 is way better. Ninetology always make half baked phones.

  4. Sho Fukamachi says:

    where’s the bottom? alamak….

  5. Danny says:

    Firstly, people that buy midrange most likely will use prepaid packs. And most starter data plans comes with 200-300mb quota. With LTE, use 1 session quota finish. Rest of the 29 days on capped speeds at 64kbps. What for need LTE phone? Furthermore our LTE coverage is still meh… Ninetology want to make a mark in our local market but don’t really understand the market. How to compete, especially when Chinese companies are coming in with products that give you a lot of bang for your ringgit.

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