[Update] DiGi Introduces Cheaper iDiGi 50 Postpaid Plan for iPhone

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  1. shortleg88 says:

    you sure Maxis iValue simple is 200 minutes call? I’m on this plan and I think it’s only 100 minutes call.

  2. Xen Yeat says:

    I think iDigi 50 no longer offer unlimited internet. IF exceeded they will charge accordingly .
    Please correct me if im wrong.

    1. Pang Tun Yau says:

      According to DiGi’s FAQ, it’ll be capped at 64kbps, just like the other iDiGi plans:

      What is my Internet speed after I have exceeded my monthly quota?
      Your Internet speed after you have exceeded your monthly quota is 64kbps.

  3. Rupam Konar says:

    Hi! there, I have very limited knowledge about contract mobiles, I have a very simple question “How much do I have to pay at the very first day to take an iPhone 5s 16GB from digi @RM50/month” ? Thanks in advance.

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