Computex 2014: Quick Look at GIGABYTE Water Force, Combines External Liquid Cooling and Three GeForce Graphics Cards

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  1. mr2k9 says:

    Its gonna cost two arms and 2 legs and maybe a kidney too….

    1. That’s for sure…I mean, when we asked GIGABYTE rep how much this monster costs, they said they don’t have the exact pricing yet but they then asked me, “well, three GeForce GTX 780 Ti already cost that much…so, what do you think?”. YOOOOOOOOOOOO.

      1. mr2k9 says:

        i think they will sell it in single or dual unit in future cause from the pic, all 3 GTX780ti were cooled off by radiator individually…maybe without the top case thingy… cause that thing kinda look fugly…

  2. Dwijadas says:

    Wish could rent these for trial…will never buy one !

  3. Mohamad Arif says:

    at least release single for single GPU la ~ mampus kene beli triple cooling in package tu
    my kidney is not enough ~

  4. Ahmad Afiq says:

    Jual maruah pun belum tentu boleh beli ni.

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