World Cup 2014 RTM Black Out: Contents On Free To Air Channels Should Remain Free Says HyppTV’s Chief

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  1. nate says:

    Can’t TM launch a complaint based on anti competitive law

    1. Chong Lee says:

      Can’t, because it’s the SKMM that gave Assteruk this stupid pro-monopoly rights in the first place 🙁

  2. seancorr says:

    This is BS, I don’t see this monopoly happening in other countries….seriously Malaysia Boleh

      1. Chong Lee says:

        BSkyB is owned by Fox. Just like Fox has a stake in Assteruk. So no surprise they’d do this kind of corruption.

        UK has a lot of unsatisfied people already as well…

  3. Obama says:

    RTM pay Astro, Astro has to pay back much more government for license fee. So, government still win.

  4. ahtung79 says:

    astro bought the broadcast right…they own it…nasib baik astro mau jual, TM yg takmau beli…next time world cup TM beli la the broadcast right (if got enough money)…then jual mahal to astro…

    1. pityU says:

      ya, simple like ABC, if u know how broadcast rights works, then by all means, give a constructive idea

      1. ahtung79 says:

        saya tak tahu tapi saya rasa encik pityU ni sure tahu…boleh tolong bagitahu?

  5. TY says:

    We, AStro customers pay almost RM200 to watch sports channels and Hong Kong dramas. RTM and HyppTV are demanding it for FREE?! If you want the rights go buy it instead of crying like babies here. Don’t use us , The rakyat as your shield. ” RAkyat deserved it for free.” Bullshit.

  6. Voon Seng Yau says:

    I wonder if people understand what’s happening. RTM has already paid Astro for the rights to broadcast some matches, Astro isn’t stopping them from showing the matches. Astro isnt allowing HyppTV from showing the matches on their free RTM channels.

    Which means if you are still using a TV connected the old way to the antenna, you have no problem. It’s the people who have switched to using HyppTV for RTM,NTV7,8TV etc that won’t be able to watch the matches on TV.

    Astro just wants to make more money from their broadcasting rights, by charging TM who are just showing the free channels as usual.

    1. ahtung79 says:

      Here I can see it’s TM who is the cheapskates one…

      1. pityU says:

        yes, TM is Cheapskates, coz with Football which is everyone loved, they can lost their customer, their revenue down, people will buy astro rather than UniFi, coz football is important to entice new subscriber, so no need to buy rights, .right? i can see how u become successfull businesman

        1. ahtung79 says:

          astro people memang dah jadi successful busineman pun…or else sekarang sudah tutup kedai…mau tengok thru RTM, boleh pegi beli antenna at tesco or giant…kedai barangan elektrik such senheng pun ada jual kot…

  7. pityU says:

    ramai org bodoh tak faham balas kt sini

    1. ahtung79 says:

      boleh encik yg pandai & faham ni balas kt sini?

  8. highbury1913 says:

    I am completely on Astro’s side in this. Anyone who says this is a monopoly is being ridiculous.

    Astro has paid a ridiculous amount of money to FIFA for broadcasting rights to the world cup. RTM has negotiated a deal with Astro to allow them to broadcast some matches on their channels as well.

    What TM is doing is trying to leech off of RTM to avoid paying Astro anything. Of course RTM will not have a problem with this because RTM’s only revenue comes from advertising and the advertisements will also be shown on HyppTV. But RTM’s agreement with Astro does not allow RTM to redistribute the rights they purchased to a third party.

    Astro depends primarily on subscription. If Astro allows HyppTV to leech off of RTM, they’re essentially telling Astro customers, “Why are you paying us RM150 a month of the same matches you can watch via HyppTV for free?”

    1. Chong Lee says:

      You are wrong. Where did RTM get the money to pay Assteruk? Rakyat income tax. Therefore it’s the rakyat that paid for access to World Cup on RTM. To deny HyppTV from carrying RTM during the World Cup is disrespect for the rakyat.

      As someone pointed out in the Home Entertainment forum, In Singapore, if Starhub tries this and make Mio drop SBC during World Cup, The MDA (their equivalent of SKMM) will kill them. On the other hand our SKMM is corrupt and even allows assteruk to do this nonsense.

      1. Shawn Sham says:

        i suggest rethink what you said. HyppTV was denied because they are 3rd party. Why would astro let them leach off just like that? Not to mention astro bought the rights. Not Hypp TV, not RTM.

        How did they buy it? with subscription money of course. not rakyat. And what is the fuss about watching it via HyppTV ? isn’t it the same as watching it through rtm??

        If you would want to watch it for free, just get a tv antenna and tune your damn TV.

        1. Chong Lee says:

          So you are advocating double standards. It’s okay for Singapore cable providers to have fair access to sporting events especially if said event is being broadcasted on TCS, but not Malaysia?

          PS: I am not a kaki bola. I am not interested in FIFA. In fact, I can receive RTM DVB-T signals and the quality as many has said is way better than Assteruk’s carriage of RTM. My concern now is Assteruk is once again using their monopoly rights to strangle the competitions.

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