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Yet Another “China Phone” Makes Waves – Say Hello To The Smartisan T1

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  1. klagang says:

    UI looks lovely. Phone looks a bit thick with hints of iPhone all around. Doesn’t matter though as long as the inside works as good as it looks.

    1. Obama says:

      What’s up with the grid line?

      1. Jason Kho says:

        china pattern

  2. xperiaDROID says:

    That’s a nice simple and clean UI. The phone looks a bit thick, but still looks quite nice with iPhone inspired design.

  3. prash says:

    if the back cover was matte it would be perfect design wise. still a beauty though. gonna wait another year at least and check out the RMA statistics on these chinese phones before getting one.

  4. Tiah Oon Tjoe says:

    Okay..that looks like a brick =/ in my opinion

  5. Alvin Wong says:

    impressive efficiency in the UI and functionality deseign.

  6. truman6 says:

    mmmmm…glad i choose over xiaomi

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