Google Overtakes Apple As Most Valuable Brand On Earth

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  1. Sho Fukamachi says:

    both tencent and baidu are not justified, they are only known in asia especially china. meanwhile, unscrupulous baidu gains popularity and traffic by hijacking browser through 3rd party apps mostly involving piracy.

    1. Andrew says:

      Tencent – Provide similiar services to facebook + twitter + whatsapp + paypal + EA (yes , online game as well ) with user base near to billions , what else you need to justified ?

      Baidu – world second largest search provider, largest in china.

      If you think they only serve well in china, think about the revenue / traffic / customer they generate, either you failed misserable in geography or failed in math badly.

      1. Sho Fukamachi says:

        either u work for either one of them or u failed ur English badly coz if u can comprehend what I wrote u should know how baidu gains its ‘reputations’ and traffic.
        thus, these 2 and most other mainland Chinese companies are nothing but mere copycat (u r correct in saying that tencent provides ‘similar’ services to fb+twitter+whatsapp and so on)
        numbers alone doesn’t represent real value to a technology brand, it’s the innovation and respect.

        1. dennis87 says:

          Why dont you help FB or whichever company you felt their top secrets or company stuffs been stolen by Tencent or other chinese companies? You would probably earn million of dollars because the company couldnt even prove a case that their intel have been stolen. I assume your Japanese from your nick,why dont you say that Japanese are the first in Asia to start stealing ppl’s technology and make it their own. And tells ppl that they have the best technology in the world when all they did is ravage other ppl’s country of their history and technology and hide it from their own ppl. Hypocrite is the rightful words to describe Japanese history when it comes to stealing (but they will never admit even if you ask them to Harsh but this is dead true.

          1. Sho Fukamachi says:

            @ dennis87 aka Andrew,

            hehe…thanks for ur lengthy reply nonetheless u r off topic. anyway, these Chinese copycats DON’T STEAL, they just COPY BLATANTLY with blessings and protections from their communist government.
            and how tencent and baidu gain user base and traffic through cheating and hiding as a malware behind some 3rd party software installation is a known “secret” in the industry, so ur ignorance or rather sheer denial is worrying me.

            while Japanese techs are mainly learnt from others, they perfected it, conquered and received by the world based on a level playing field. such is not the case with the abovementioned 2 mainland Chinese companies.

          2. Andrew says:

            Sorry , I’m not dennis.
            Why Yahoo still retain success in Japan ?
            If you don’t know , let me tell you , “localization”.
            Full local interface + content + local advertisement.

            For chinese , baidu + tencent worth lot more compare with google + facebook.
            It worth that freaking much value, even if you dislike their services/product.

            No point for argue on this, you can’t buy any of them with your RM1 even if they worth shit for you.

          3. Sho Fukamachi says:

            haha…..somehow ur sense of logic really baffled me.
            yahoo is still relevant in japan because they are given a chance to compete fairly. the same can’t be said for both google and fb due to preferential treatment and monopoly in mainland china under commies policies.
            u r correct that I can’t afford any takeover of those 2 shitty companies though, I just think that their placement here are not justified.

  2. Jake Jacobs says:

    wow. just before the WWDC begins, huh?

  3. James Spader says:

    Google deserves it. Apple can go 14th Floor.

  4. dennis87 says:

    APPLE is doomed once Steve Job left the world. RIP APPLE,i have been using apple products until 4s but after using Samsung and now SONY . I will never turn back to using Apple anymore,dont have the value in their phone…price wise they’re number 1 but value for money wise they’re last in the whole packs …with XIAOMI and OPPO coming up at the moment,beware APPLE will lose their market share in the whole globe and especially CHINA…they’ll retain their US market,but australia market is fading away as more users of android over there now.

  5. Jgg says:

    Apple need to buckle up and have a strong leader again. If not they’ll slowly dissappear like ibm

  6. truman6 says:

    Let the Android Fanboys & Apple iFAGS WAR BEGIN…(again)!!!!…please guys, apple is not all about iphone & ipad, while google is not always about android phones..We shall see what will happen to apple after WWDC, after they announce new device(s)…

  7. ong says:

    execuse me editor,


    the difference of ‘technology’ does change the candidate a lot ok….

    1. Vector Teh says:

      Did you read the source article? I assumed you have not.
      Google is currently the most valuable brand on earth and also the most valuable in technology category. Should I point it out to you?

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