First Look: Xiaomi Mi 3

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  1. Sam says:

    is the mi3 sold here in malaysia able to access google playstore?

    1. mvp says:

      you can see from the pics above, there is play store.

  2. Ng Tze Haw says:

    No LTE no buy

    1. samseng says:

      others will

      1. alimama says:

        agree, i will

        rm889, cant get better than this

        f**k LTE

        1. truman6 says:

          like anyone can get lte signal everywhere like 7-11 shops

          1. imntapplefans and i hate samsu says:

            WHY LTE… this price i confirm gets.. We in Malaysia dunno need how long to stable the dam LTE

          2. truman6 says:

            I think we hav to wait 20 years..lol…even the tm cant get wired line (unify) to whole malaysia

  3. Choong Kon Keong says:

    But M3-s is on the horizon, isn’t true?

  4. DT says:

    How much is the price will be if add on LTE and expansion slot? RM 200? Or up to RM 1500? And I’m pretty sure it will still sell like hot cake.

  5. Ongtk says:

    Looks and sounds good but sadly no 4G. Will suit out for a 4G model.

  6. Ongtk says:

    Typo: suit = wait

  7. Jonathan says:

    16 GB non expandable? like a toy phone

  8. Adrian Chin says:

    this is seriosly a great phone compare specs with s4, note 3 etc etc..
    lte or non lte, depends on your need. with this price, with this quality build, definitely a great good for budget tide user 😉 mid range price with almost high end phone.

    want lte? wait for xiao mi3s

  9. Joshua Ericsson Zen says:

    For those who think LTE is a selling point: Wait for our telcos to even stabilize their 4g spectrum. most parts of our country still doesnt support lte man, neither is china. and besides , its below 1k for a note 3 fighter. What more do u want? later on more cheaper models wll come in. So let it be. -One of the first few to own it.

    1. truman6 says:

      most of them just a whinny babies & keyboard warriow..even if it has lte,not that they gonna buy it..they’ll just point out “no this?” “no that?”..so, dun waste your breath

  10. xproc says:

    swiftkey preinstalled, how to input chinese characters? as i know swiftkey no chinese characters suppported

    1. imntapplefans and i hate samsu says:

      google pinyin la halo..

  11. Christoph Eilers says:

    I am glad that Xiaomi MI 3 is coming in the market and fighting vs Huawei.

    Check our MI 3 VsS Samsung S5 in Malaysia Review here :

  12. Wilson Lai says:

    no LTE?

  13. InfoPsyche says:

    Xiaomi Mi 3 was officially released in December, 2013 out of India but it is finally released in India in July, 2014. The phone is powered by 4.4 KitKat android version It comes with 13 megapixel camera, Quad-core processor, 2 GB of system storage, NFC, DLNA and GPS

  14. Syed Mohammed Ameen says:

    Xiaomi Stood In Top 5 Smartphone Manufacturer’s List After Replacing LG This Month

    Check Full News – goo.gl/Ito58j

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