Map Of Spotify Premium Prices Across The World

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  1. Pete says:

    I guess you can say this applies to our local telcos too. Most countries have to fork up about 30-50usd just for a gig of data.

    1. kzm says:

      Malaysia nowaday can be consider cheap than other country for least in 3G network

      1. Chong Lee says:

        You’re kidding, right? A 20Mbps connection costs RM249 a month. At that price you can get 250Mbps in Singapore after conversion. And most mobile telcos charge RM66 for a paltry 4GB quota.

        Let’s just face it, our telcos are overcharging us. The lower Spotify price is just a consolation.

        1. kzm says:

          Just check US..3GB data oso already RM100++ plus if u want do wifi sharing with ur family u need to pay oso

        2. kzm says:

          I compare wireless not wired

    2. Jun Jun Yap says:

      I too hope that it is the same story with fiber optics TT.TT

  2. Maverick2091 says:

    I do notice that some songs are unavailable in my account, but they’re far and between. I didn’t know that the prices here are cheaper… lol, glad for it though!
    Maybe its a licensing thing? I never understood the music industry..

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