Oculus Wants To Build A Billion Player MMO

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  1. Kun Zai says:

    League of SAO shall begin

  2. psmuffins says:

    “Billion player MMO”… it’s called real life ;p

    Jokes aside, it’s an ambitious project. Can’t wait to see how it pans out!

  3. Jonathan Wong says:

    SAO project came live….

  4. yupi says:

    SAO..once u enter u cannot logout 😀

  5. Aq says:

    Lol… Visually like Log Horizon and SAO but not just yet…

  6. joeboto says:

    SAO indeed.

  7. amirsyazwan says:

    its an MMO, don’t confuse with SAO which is MMORPG.

    Think more like Second Life.

    just my 2 cent.

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