First Look: ASUS ZenFone 4, The RM 299 Intel-Powered Android Smartphone

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  1. Jun Jun Yap says:

    this device will kill the other brand’s offering.
    while not the same story with 5 and 6, both priced touch too high if compared to china’s offering.

  2. SeeRub Senpai says:

    “your hard-earned RM 300” I LOL~
    This phone definitely a lot cheaper compare to other brand with the same spec.
    Not to mention its an ASUS.

  3. zzzxtreme says:

    ada gps receiver?

  4. yongchin89 says:

    some question here, this phone gt gps?

      1. yongchin89 says:

        TBD…..but i go asus website, didnt mention that gt gps…but the others phone review website say gt. confusing!

        1. Yazid Idrus says:

          From Asus website, only model 5 and 6 support GPS but not for model 4.

          1. yongchin89 says:

            Thats y i still wondering whether it have or not… Some say yes, some say no. Hmm…

    1. Yup, it indeed has GPS. According to the product brochure that we brought back from the regional launch in Jakarta, it has GPS, A-GPS, and GLONASS.

      Also, the pull down menu shown contains GPS option. 🙂

      1. Yazid Idrus says:

        That definitely a good news.

  5. Deen says:

    benchmarks? e.g. antutu, nemamark, quadrant, etc?

    1. Our time with the device at the regional launch was too brief to run benchmark on it. Apologies for that. =/

      1. Deen says:

        aww, too bad. hope i’ll get this baby very soon and put the benchmark test on it.

  6. zzzxtreme says:

    other phones in this range (acer, lenovo, alcatel) does not have front camera , glonass and gorilla glass. so this is great value

    1. Tsukiyomi Umenomori says:

      it really is. I have a feeling those high end brands are going to feel the pinch once this 4-incher baby hits the market.

  7. Nicholas Joseph says:

    A phone that i can buy for mum before i give her my ip5 after i get my ip6

  8. LOL says:

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  9. Hong Aun Looi says:

    Ah crap…just ordered the liquid z3s before this news came out…

  10. jackiewong says:

    The only concern… 1200mAh battery..

    1. Tsukiyomi Umenomori says:

      Reason why they put a 1200mAh batt coz the CPU itself is quite energy-efficient unlike Qualcomm’s battery guzzler Snapdragon CPUs mated with a massive, high ppi display.

    2. shinn says:

      that true..

  11. Tsukiyomi Umenomori says:

    cheapest smartphone to date? I say yes.

  12. aeden says:

    With the intel chipset i really hope to see a entry-level smartphone with lesser hiccups on daily use and with android 4.4 coming soon for this device it is very promising

  13. lokeswaran says:

    when tis phone cmeing’s ori ? made by ? price ? i wanna buy tizz hp..

  14. Nickel Choo says:

    How come india get zenfone 4 with 1600mah battery but others get 1200mah only….annoying==

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