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It’s Official, Motorola Announces Arrival of Moto X in Malaysia for RM1,499

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  1. Ng Tze Haw says:

    Too late. The market has been flooded.

    1. motospokesperson says:

      sad but true

  2. LRT says:

    Rm 1500, i rather take HTC ONE M7

  3. CY says:

    A bit dated for its release…. it would be wonderful last year but now……

  4. Vendetta says:

    For this specs RM850-RM1000 is more than enough.Its 9months late though.

  5. kazuhikoaikawa says:

    This motorola x does not have the same spec like Motorola X 2GEN in the us.
    Where and How can i buy Motorola 2GEN verion like the us version off contract?

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