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MH370 deliberately flown off course – two possible corridors

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  • orangdelima

    Since a hijack is now a growing possibility, then it will be best to narrow down the search for the plane based on the fuel available in the plane.

    In detail, my theory is that if the plane was hijacked then it would have a specific amount of fuel. And this amount of fuel can only take the plane to a given distance.

    Now if the amount of fuel in the plane can be determined, then from the point in time where communications with the plane was lost, a circumference of the various official commercial flight or other possible routes, can be used to narrow down the search.

    Combined with investigating all the possible refueling points, or locations with the capacity to land the plane, within this readius. I believe that the search for this plane can be greatly improved.

    For example, if the plane had fuel to go about 3,000km, then a circumference with a radius of 3,000km should be given topmost priority, for both sea and land based searches(especially for refueling/landing points incase the plane was hijacked).

    Personally, I hope that the occupants of this plane are still alive. And that this info can be of good use.

    Note: Credits to a friend for this fuel theory

    • Vijandren Ramadass

      its still a very big area to search. there are two corridors to look at based on the available data. Another key would be 8.11am when the last pings from the engine were registered. We are looking into these two clues.

    • karwaidotnet

      actually they should’ve investigated base on this lead on day 1…not now, 7 days after the event. the plane or the hijacker have 7 days to refueled or re-transferred it to anywhere else around the world, outside the possible initial fuel limitation circumference.

      now i guess we can only wait and see the real intention of this hijacker.

      • prayformh370

        its not u are doing the job.. at least be thankful for what they did. scumbag

        • PeterTechGuy

          Talk about oversensitive… He’s just saying what they could do first, man.

          • Dawja Xavier

            They did research that even on day 1..That’s why there are multiple reports from the officials before they are united giving one official statement only. There are SOPs to follow and SOPs exist for a reason and they’re not dumb enough to point out every single clue they have.

  • kokojamo

    we have radar in butterworth, why didn’t the military pick this up? even if the data is raw, they should have studied it soon as it was alerted a plane is missing when it didn’t enter vietnam waters.

    • Me_name

      R u high? Alerted a plane is missing BEFORE it enter Viet waters?

  • pasih

    After 8 days only our authority check on the pilot simulation console in his house. For 8 days, a lot of posibility can be done. Maybe I am wrong, but authority should check on the console on the 1st day just to make sure the pilot or co-pilot name is clear from suspecting.

  • Amai

    After a week long observation, only in the last 24 hours that it’s slowly becoming clear the probability of the earlier set of info that was circulating might actually hold some truth…
    – plane landed in Nanning (later debunked as rumor) but please refer to the projection map released by DCA…the one with the ‘red line’ semi-circular radius where the line cuts thru an area quite near to Nanning (note: I found an image of this map in se7en’s “SERIOUS” thread yesterday)
    – plane last spotted at 2.40am (before statement was retracted and changed to 1.30am) as per mentioned in this article

    I’m assuming that these first set of data was released prior to expert consulting from quarters that are very experienced when it comes to the hijack/take-over scenario. Then after realizing the sensitivity of these data in such scenario based on the advise from the subject-matter experts, only then most of these info were being debunked or retracted so as to cover up the actual happenings in order to protect the victims and to ensure the smooth process of handling (/negotiating?) the incident by the respective authorities together with the SMEs

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