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ASUS ROG G56JR Gaming Laptop Now In Malaysia

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  • Suuusu

    this badboy compete with Lenovo’s gaming notebook?
    btw, it look quite similar with lenovo’s, because of the red.

    • R4yT0ng94

      not to mention, its just a black version of N56JR, and whats worse, the graphics card comes with DDR3, which means poorer framerates due to slower bandwith.

      • AsusLover
        • Wilber Cheong

          Anyone have an idea when will the new model release?

      • anonymous

        there must be technical mistakes in this article wrote. should be DDR5. not DDR3.

      • King

        And it is not anti glare screen. Another mistake made by this article. Anti glare mean you cannot view by side angle because it get blurred.
        Gaming series generally not favour in anti-glare,usually business notebook come with anti glare.

  • Haru Chen

    When i saw 2gb DDR3 RAM i’m stunned… then i saw 12gb DDR3 of RAM!!!
    So tat 2gb is actually DDR5 GPU memory….

  • Hey guys, I would like to clarify about the DDR3 on the GPU: it was according to the specs that ASUS Malaysia passed to us. However, I’m quite baffled about it myself and since NVIDIA’s spec stated GDDR5, am going with that one.

    Thanks for pointing it out and I apologize for the confusion.

  • Kuan Chuan Hong

    I can get a dual GPU from Lenovo (Y510p) by the price RM3999 (RRP), so why this? Even if the Y510p is single GPU (RRP RM 3399) (GTX755) the difference is not much compared to GTX760. Paying RM800 for the extra 4GB RAM is unnecessary.
    But I think the chassis used in this is better compared to Lenovo’s.

  • LIm

    In the system it is stated as Gddr5 ram. However user are not able to download and install the Nvidia software update. That make me wonder if ,it is using a Gddr3 ram.

    • This actually quite a common incident to many notebook out there, whereby users are not able to install the generic NVIDIA driver and stuck with manufacturer’s pre-installed driver.

  • GRUB

    Which would you prefer?
    1. Lenovo Y510P
    2. MSI GS70 Stealth
    3. ASUS ROG G56JR

    • sadsdas


  • King

    I think this computer screen is not an anti glare screen, because if it was it should had limited viewing angle.

  • Des Chew

    Anyone know good deal for Asus G56JR-CN183h? I found this to be cheapest. Can it support 32GB RAM? If want to upgrade to 16GB, any shop willing to upgrade?

  • Wilber Cheong

    Anyone have any idea when will the new model release in malaysia?

  • xenon

    Asus g56jr current price??