Bomoh Gadgets Online Store Goes Live: You Too Can Now Be Raja Bomoh - Lowyat.NET

Bomoh Gadgets Online Store Goes Live: You Too Can Now Be Raja Bomoh

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  • zack

    Lowyat should not publicize bogus online store like this that only worsens race relations.

    • wat

      How exactly will this worsen race relations? Dude nothing about race has been brought up until YOU brought it up.

      • Ahmad Farzan

        exactly, plus these bomoh’s are embarrasing to us malays -.- what they were doing is a publicity act

        • gurunathan

          correction….embarrasment to all Malaysians…

      • MJ

        Agree on that. They shall feel ashame.

    • Jeffrie


  • Ariff PA

    bank Name: Bank Bomoh
    Account Name: Bomoh Gadgets
    Account Number: 4444888800

  • suratsiber

    WTF??!!! People, wake up!! this is 2014, not 1904! They’re not bomoh! They’re fucking idiots who think they can make easy money out of people misery!!

    • al_felista

      -_- see the payment instruction also know this is a prank website la…bro…

    • PeterTechGuy

      Are you from 1904 too? Where is your sense of humour?

  • bob

    this is made from belacan(shrimp paste) and the belacan religion..

  • Lucy Yong

    I suppose this is very, very Muslim and acceptable by our Government.. BOMOH MAY be allowed to use the word “Allah” in his bomoh chanting too. Bomoh did say that the flight 370 may still be flying or is in the sea. I suppose the Captain will pump petrol from the clouds. Or maybe Bomoh thinks he is talking about a kite. On a more serious note: The police should arrest Bomoh immediately.

    • Afiq

      this stupid bomoh had nothing to do with Islam at all. They are all stupid attention seekers

      • Lucy Yong

        Thanks for the enlightenment. It is a relieve to know that there are only a few crazy people around.

  • fortunella

    stupid bomoh la diz..